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Place To Call Home

At Bayoh Behavioral Health Service LLC, we understand that recovery is a deeply personal journey. We are dedicated to assisting you on this path of self-directed care, offering encouragement, support, and a secure space to continue YOUR JOURNEY. Our focus is on facilitating self-discovery and enhancing independent living skills.

We embrace the principles of total wellness, acknowledging the various dimensions that contribute to your overall well-being. Our comprehensive approach addresses the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational, and financial aspects of your life. By encompassing these dimensions, we strive to support your holistic recovery and foster your overall growth and fulfillment.


By offering these comprehensive services

We aim to empower you on your journey towards independent living, ensuring that you have the necessary tools and support to achieve your goals effectively and successfully.

 our commitment

to your success is unwavering

Here are some of the ways we will actively support you in achieving your goals and transitioning to independent living.

  • Facilitating Access to Community ServicesWe will work closely with you to identify and connect you with the available community services that can further enhance your well-being and support your journey towards independence.
  • Creating a Clean and Nurturing Environment We understand the importance of a conducive living space. Our team will guide and assist you in maintaining a clean and organized home environment, providing the foundation for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.
  • Financial Planning and BudgetingWe recognize the significance of financial stability in your independent living journey. We will collaborate with you to develop effective financial plans and budgeting strategies, empowering you to manage your finances with confidence and achieve greater financial independence.
  • Shopping and Preparing Healthy MealsNutrition plays a vital role in overall wellness. We will assist you in navigating the process of shopping for wholesome ingredients and preparing nutritious meals, fostering good dietary habits and promoting a balanced lifestyle.
  • Coordinating Care with ProvidersTo ensure seamless healthcare experiences, we will actively engage with your healthcare providers, fostering open communication and coordination of care. This collaborative approach allows us to optimize your overall well-being and address any specific needs you may have.
  • Encouraging SocializationHuman connection is essential for personal growth and happiness. We will encourage and support your engagement in social activities, helping you build meaningful relationships, expand your support network, and cultivate a sense of belonging within your community.
  • Providing Time for Relaxation and ReflectionWe understand the importance of self-care and personal reflection in your journey. We will create opportunities for relaxation and reflection, allowing you to recharge, process your experiences, and foster inner growth.
  • Engaging in daily groups focused on teaching meaningful skillsOur daily group sessions will cover a range of topics and offer practical skills that promote personal growth and enhance your overall quality of life.