As you embark on your path towards independent living, we would like to provide you with some additional guidelines to keep in mind.

These guidelines serve as essential principles that will further support you in reaching your goals and maintaining a fulfilling and successful transition

Personal Environment

Each resident is responsible for maintaining their personal area and assisting in the upkeep of the common areas within the home. Assigned chores will be provided, and it is expected that all residents contribute to creating a healthy and safe living environment. Our staff will monitor and address this on a daily basis. It is important to note that any repairs or maintenance should not be attempted independently, as this may lead to further damage, for which residents could be held accountable.

Fire & Emergency Procedures

Evacuation plans are prominently displayed throughout the home, and regular drills are conducted to ensure preparedness. Some drills may occur during nighttime hours. All residents and staff are required to familiarize themselves with the evacuation plan and participate in the drills. In the event of a fire, it is essential to immediately evacuate the area and notify staff.

For medical emergencies

Residents should promptly inform staff to call 911. In the case of emotional crises, residents can seek assistance from staff or contact the CRISIS LINE at 602-222-9444. If any safety concerns arise, it is important to notify staff without delay.

Food Purchases

The house will provide food for all clients. Our staff will offer support with budgeting, meal planning, and provide education on making healthy choices. Residents may choose to cook individually or collaborate with their peers.

Phone Calls and Mail

Residents will have unrestricted access to the phones within the facility. Long-distance calls can be made using the house phone. To ensure the delivery of mail, residents should update their mailing address with the local post office.

Furniture & Personal Items

The facility is fully furnished, and basic necessities such as linens, cooking utensils, personal hygiene items, and laundry detergent will be provided. Residents are required to use mattress covers provided to maintain the hygiene of the mattress and box springs.

Prohibited Items

The possession or use of illegal substances and weapons is strictly prohibited on the property at all times. Residents are responsible for ensuring that their visitors also adhere to these rules. Violation of these policies may result in discharge from the facility. Encouraging other residents to engage in such activities is illegal and will be reported to the administrator, potentially leading to termination. Smoking is not permitted inside the house; designated smoking areas are available in the backyard.

Medication Management

BHS requires that all medications be stored in a locked closet. While staff can provide reminders, assistance, and observation, they are not authorized to administer medication at any time.